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Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets must be purchased 24 hours before the tour
Tickets can be paid with Credit Cards Here

If a date is sold out, there is always a chance to add an additional tour on the same day. Please send us an email to let us know what date you are interested if you do not see availability.

Each Tour starts in a different place depending on the route. Click on the tour you want to get the exact address where we will be.

Each Tour starts in a different place depending on the route. Click on the tour you want to get the exact address where we will be.

Only for the GDL Taste Tour we offer tickets for children between 7 and 11 years old, the tour lasts almost 3 hours and some children have limited attention and may not be appropriate for them. When we taste wine / liquor, those under 18 will provide non-alcoholic drinks. As you walk and are standing in some places, please consider this when deciding if it is appropriate for your child.

If you take an infant under 7 years old and he will not participate in the tasting, you do not need to buy a ticket for him.

Of course not! Guadalajara Food Tours combines architecture, historical facts, culture and gastronomy in our unique 2.5-hour experience.

We serve enough food for most of the participants, food afterwards is not necessary. With the combination of food and drink tasting with spaces to appreciate architecture, culture and history, most participants feel full after the food tour. We hope you can understand that our food tour does not attempt to replace your breakfast or food at the same time, please consider eating before the tour.

Yes, both tours can be private.

Tours generally last 2.5 hours and participants can stand or walk on most of the tour.

The locals of Guadalajara participate to better understand the roots of the city in which they live and also take advantage of knowing the best restaurants and bars in Guadalajara right here in the Center, and they will also have the opportunity to interact with people from all over Mexico and the world.

Unfortunately both tours are not accessible for wheelchairs.

Please let us know if you or someone in your group has any restrictions via email.

We ask you to buy until the end of the tour to be on time for the schedule and continue with the informative tour and tasting

Tips are highly appreciated but not mandatory. 15% is the standard tip in the tourism industry.

Both tours have all drinks included. Additionally, there will be water.

No, both tours do not end at the same location as the meeting point. All participants will receive a map with instructions included from the beginning of the tour. We will give you tips to return walking or taking a yellow taxi.

A list of current locations can be found on the page of each tour. There may be changes without notice.

Yes, when the tour is purchased in the English version the tour will be in English and Spanish.

The tours are prepared for rain or too hot. In case of inclement weather, it is possible to enter many of the tour establishments.

Yes, there are bathrooms available during the tour in some selected locations.

Yes, cameras and video cameras are allowed during the tour.

Yes, we will participate in wine / liquor tasting on both tours.

Yes, there is public parking located near the meeting points.

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